Buddhism Won “The Best Religion in the World” Award

Buddhism Won “The Best Religion in the World” Award
The Geneva-based International Coalition for the Advancement of Religious and Spirituality (ICARUS) has bestowed The Best Religion In the World award this year on the Buddhist Community.
This special award was voted on by an international round table of more than 200 religious leaders from every part of the spiritual spectrum. It was fascinatin…g to note that many religious leaders voted for Buddhism rather than their own religion although Buddhists actually make up a tiny minority of ICARUS membership. Here are the comments by four voting members:

Jonna Hult, Director of Research for ICARUS said It wasn’t a surprise to me that Buddhism won Best Religion in the World, because we could find literally not one single instance of a war fought in the name of Buddhism, in contrast to every other religion that seems to keep a gun in the closet just in case God makes a mistake. We were hard pressed to even find a Buddhist that had ever been in an army. These people practice what they preach to an extent we simply could not document with any other spiritual tradition.

A Catholic Priest, Father Ted O’Shaughnessy said fromBelfast , As much as I love the Catholic Church, it has always bothered me to no end that we preach love in our scripture yet then claim to know God’s will when it comes to killing other humans. For that reason, I did have to cast my vote for the Buddhists.

A Muslim Cleric Tal Bin Wassad agreed from Pakistanvia his translator. While I am a devout Muslim, I can see how much anger and bloodshed is channeled into religious expression rather than dealt with on a personal level. The Buddhists have that figured out. Bin Wassad, the ICARUS voting member for Pakistan ’s Muslim community continued, In fact, some of my best friends are Buddhist.

And Rabbi Shmuel Wasserstein said from Jerusalem, Of course, I love Judaism, and I think it’s the greatest religion in the world. But to be honest, I’ve been practicing Vipassana meditation every day before minyan (daily Jewish prayer) since 1993. So I get it.

However, there was one snag – ICARUS couldn’t find anyone to give the award to. All the Buddhists they called kept saying they didn’t want the award.

When asked why the Burmese Buddhist community refused the award, Buddhist monk Bhante Ghurata Hanta said from Burma , We are grateful for the acknowledgement, but we give this award to all humanity, for Buddha nature lies within each of us. Groehlichen went on to say We’re going to keep calling around until we find a Buddhist who will accept it. We’ll let you know when we do.


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  2. http://www.dhammadownload.com/PaAuk-Sayadaw-VideoInEnglish.htm


    JPo: Good morning, Sayadaw, and welcome to Singapore. Can the Sayadaw perhaps tell the readers about the Sayadaw’s meditation centre in Myanmar?

    The Sayadaw: Pa-Auk Meditation Centre comprises three monasteries near the village of Pa-Auk, outside Mawlamyine (Moulmein), the capital of the Mon State, southwest of Yangon. I am the third abbot since Pa-Auk Tawya Meditation Centre was established about 100 years ago. It occupies about 400-500 acres, and there are about 300 single dwellings, 3 dormitories, 5 meditation halls, an almsgiving hall, refectory, infirmary, library, etc. There is a standing population of about 800 yogis. During school holidays or festivals, the population increases up to even 1500 yogis. The majority of yogis are Myanmarese monks, with a good number of Myanmarese nuns and laywomen. There are about 150 foreign yogis, most of whom have ordained at Pa-Auk Tawya. Almost all of them are from South-East Asia and East Asia, with a few Westerners. There are also a number of Mahāyāna monks and nuns.

    JPo: What is taught at the Sayadaw’s meditation centre?

    The Sayadaw: We teach according to the Pali Texts of Buddhism, and the purpose of our teaching is for the yogi to attain Nibbāna. That requires full and direct personal knowledge of ultimate mentality and materiality (nāma-rūpa), which is vipassanā meditation. Such full knowledge requires that one has developed deep and profound concentration (samādhi), which is samatha meditation. To develop samatha, one needs first of all to train in morality (sīla). At our centre this means one needs first to undertake either the nine precepts of a layperson, the ten precepts of a nun or novice, or the Pātimokkha precepts of a fully ordained Buddhist monk. Well established in good morality, one then begins with samatha meditation. If one is successful, one will attain what The Buddha calls the light of wisdom (paññ-āloka). With further development, one reaches the jhānas, and then the light of wisdom is very strong, very bright. One then uses that light of wisdom to practise vipassanā.

    JPo: Are there any sort of fees or charges involved?

    The Sayadaw: The Myanmarese government demands US dollars for a meditation visa, and for the one-year extension of one’s meditation visa. There are no other charges. There are no charges for staying at the monastery. Some visitors make a donation, but that is their own wish. Food, dwelling, and meditation instructions, etc., are given free of charge ― that is The Buddha’s way. For the welfare and happiness of all beings.

    • one thing it is not a part of hinduism . the buddha was born in india in a royal family and according to hindu social structure he was chatriya. but when he saw social discrimination and life’s problem he became so sad but he promise himself that he should have to found the life’s problems and its causes. 1.firstly he followed Jainism for some years and livid in Jainism society and did all the teaching of Jainism(they also not believe in god ) but when he doesn’t found his answers ,he move away from there ..
      2. then he met five munies or rishi and followed them for 6 years and dried his body during tapasya or meditating god but hadn’t found any god not answers of there problems .
      3 he found middle way by conclusion( hearing the voices of singers travling in the river).and got some meal from a girl near the river after seeing this the five munnies left him (siddartha told the truth but they don’t listen him).
      4 then he travels lot of places and meet religion masters (dharm gurus) he learns some things but never satisfied by there answers.
      5 then he decided found himself for the answers and mediated the questions and at last got the conclusions about life problem and their causes.and becames buddha.

      and then he travels and told his achievements about 30 years. which we say teachings of buddha.

      it is not religion it the way of thinking to see the life correctly (scientifically)

      buddha never found any god .

      and hinduism is only releated about god and it cast system mostly.

    • Hi Dear, as far as i know, Buddha was Hindu by religion. But the Hinduism fails to answers all the questions of life to Buddha. He try to find the ultimate truth.
      The experiences he got in the journey is Buddhism. So there is no point in the question.

      • at the time of Buddha there was no such religion namely “HINDU”. the word HINDU had been used by ISLAMIC Kings, origional name of this religion is BRAHMINISM sometimes also called Vedic religion.Now word Brahminism is not being used instead word Hinduism is used because by using Hinduism common public also joined Brahmins.Buddha found that Brahminical supremacy and Wrong religious teachings and practices like caste and VarnaVyastha are causes of sufferings of common public.So he discarded all teachings of Brahminism and started to seek truth so that common public “The BAHUJANs” can know truth and get rid from clutches of brahminism. Now I think you can decide that Buddhism have never been part of HINDUISM/Brahmisism.They are opposite,Desighn of Brahminish is for Brahmins supremacy while desighn of Buddhism is for BAHUJAN Hitaye Bahujan Sukhaye means in favour of majority population of commons.Democracy is discovery of BUDDHA.If you still have any doubt on this study INDIAN history…Thanks for your comments and queries.. Keep reading

  3. its nice and motivating news to all buddhist followers we should be become more deeply practice of way of buddha in our daily life.

  4. It is reality that Buddhas teaching is Natures law. न हि वेरेन वेरानी सम्मतिध कुदाचन् । अवेरेनेच सम्मति एस् धम्मो सन्नतनो।। धम्मपद ….। (hatred does not cease by hatred but only by love. This is eternal rule) Buddhism never teach to hate others. History recorded Approximately 15000 wars/battles fought on earth. None of it establish peace on earth, but paves seeds of next. Fortunately no war fought for Buddhism. Buddhas meditation techniques such as Anapana(concentration meditation) Vipassana (scanning sences in body) Mettabhavana(meditation of friendship) step by step wipe out all worries of all births and one becomes free from all sorrow.Hence selection as a best religion is perfect. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar said “Buddhas teaching is sole pillar of hope to the world. As much as we spread and preach it,world will away from war and closer to peace” (15 feb 1953 New Delhi)

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