End of the World according to the prediction of the Buddha Gotama

5.) End of the World according to the prediction of the Buddha Gotama

UNLIKE imaginary cooked stories of God and Shaitan things in other religion Buddhism perspective on END oF WORLD is as follows:

167213_1288531271063_7889790_nThe Buddha explained the end of the world in a very different way & especially in a very simple yet scientific way. In Anguttara Nikaya 7.62 : He explained that the world will end due to the impermanence of the nature, impermanence of the compounded things, the aging of things. No Gods, no devas, no satan, no higher beings and no human will ever be able to end the world system. The world is ended by itself, by the natural causes, namely aging & death. The Buddha described this in a very detailed way, long before the discovery of modern astronomy & cosmology, quantum physics, advanced mathematics, relativity theory & hubble telescope. The Buddha said that the whole world systems or universe (in our modern term : a world system= a galaxy. Galaxies form the universe) will be constantly experiencing a series of expansion & contraction. This has been proved by scientists who have measured the distance between galaxies is expanding nowadays. This expansion has recently been accelerating :


But the Buddha said this expansion will be stopped after certain long period. Then it will experience a contraction. As a result of this, the galaxies and stars will be nearer to each other. There comes a time, a star will approach our galaxy and planet system, what the Buddha said as the appearance of the second sun. The second sun will come nearer & nearer to the earth which causes the climate of the earth will be warmer & warmer and change drastically. It experiences a long drought period.  Even with one sun, we cannot take the heat, let alone two suns.  At that time, there will be no rain for hundred of years on the earth. All plants, animals & human will be dead & wipe off due to lack of the fresh water. This period of no rain will be continued for many thousands and hundred thousands of years. Then after the second sun finally come into our solar system, all the remaining oceans will be totally dried up. Then after a very long time, the third sun will come to our solar system……follow by a long period again….the fourth…..the fifth…when the sixth sun comes into our solar system ….all the great mountain like Himalayas and the earth begin to emit smoke, disgorge smoke. When in some age, at the end of some vast period, the seventh & last sun will come to our solar system. At this time, the earth and all its mountains burst into flames, blaze up and become a single sheet of flame. The earth blazes, burns, vanquished and overwhelmed by the vastness of the fiery mass, crumble away. Out of the blaze, there is neither cinder nor ash to be found. This is the end of our earth and our world system. Then somewhere in other universe of space & time, the new world system will be formed again with all the living beings inside. This cycle of appearance/rebirth, aging & death/destruction will be repeated in the never ending cycles of Samsara. In short, the end of the world is caused by natural aging & death, not by any other Gods, not by nuclear wars, not by H1N1, not by super diseases, etc. Aging & death are not God. They are a natural process. The Buddha said, even all kind of Gods have to age & die.

This end of the world will happen in an unimaginable long period of time in the future and should be after the Dispensation of the next Buddha Meteya. That period is called a dark period where the teaching of the Dhamma is already disappeared on the earth. Human beings are living in a chaotic & cruel condition. We are now still in the Dispensation of the Buddha Gotama. The period till the coming of the Buddha Meteya is still very long. At that time human will have an average age of 84,000 years. What an unimaginable stage of evolution that the human race have reached at that time ! May be the the science of genetics is so advanced that one day in the future they can finally be able to unlock & discover the DNA that will slow down the human aging process.

Actually the Buddha taught us , we should not be bothered to find out about the end of the world, about the beginning/creation & end of the universe. Because this universe is without a discoverable beginning & end. After our world system is ended. There will arise again the next new world system. This will be repeated as the never ending Samsara. May be some of us which have not attained Nibbana, will be reborn again in that new world system and to endure suffering again.

We have to be careful of the end of our life…our own death.. that we never know what our next destination will be, if we lead a careless life now. Therefore concentrate on this present moment…strive….to attain at least the fruit of Stream Entry…to cut off the destination to the Lower Realm of ghosts, animals & hell beings.

for other religion perspective which giving here can be taken otherwise  refer to following link



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