India can be strong through bringing some kind of unity only…Dr S.L. Dhani (IAS-r)

As regards the authors of the exploitative and oppressive system of Varnas and whatever goes with it, none need feel sorry over them, even if one happens to carry the burden of the title Brahmana. In the long history of India, different caste people have been adopting and giving up caste titles as a matter of strategy and exigency. Thus, the responsibility of continuing the cancerous growth cannot be thrust only on the so-called Brahmanas, but it must be shared even by the victims of the system, since they at times chose to side with and support the perpetrators of the system, for various reasons. In the initial stages, everyone was trying to plan and fight for survival and a permanent peace time so he could enjoy the life after an excessively long and uncertain struggle.Mauryan-Dynasty_18892

The fault lies with those who tried to sell the status quo through the hypothecation of God and spirituality and to make the system hereditary.

Indians were not alone to follow such practices but others did not have a common goal like Indian subcontinent which blocked their further wanderings on account of its being surrounded by oceans on three sides and Himalayas on the fourth. The Himalayas allowed individuals to get into India through very few passes, which could never be used for return journey.

The stream of invaders and those who were pushed by their chasers into India had continued for ages. An idea of the situation can be had by intrusion of Pakistani infiltrators through Azad Kashmir even at present where the past practices still rule.

The country as a whole has never taken kindly to the concerned exploitative and oppressive practices and they have been constantly opposed by those who wished to reform the society. The earliest examples are provided by Jains, Buddhists and Ajivikas and Charvaks. But by then, the system had been perfected by those who could not afford to remain silent and who devised a method of making them irrelevant through the argument of their being dubbed as Naastikas or non-believers. Thus, the system of beliefs has been the greatest factor that has been making Indians the subject of ridicule by the rationalists.

The situation can be remedied even now, by understanding and objective minds like you but the things have become more difficult by the system having been adopted as creed by all political parties of all hues and colours. But the history has shown that it is easier for a person of Brahmanical origin to be accepted even as a reformer. And, it is again a historical fact that only the Brahamanas have been helping Jainism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity to take more firm roots in India.

Everyone has a right and also duty to work for making India strong through bringing some kind of unity, which alone can guarantee its survival and bright future, which stands threatened by the present single neo-Brahmana of the world, USA, which has become the sole beneficiary of the Vedic Varna system by applying it against the all other countries. In the present scenario, the developed countries are the neo-Kshatriyas,  developing  ones are the neo-Vaisyas and the under-developed ones are the neo-Sudras.

Indian Brahmans do not realize that their business has already been taken over by westerners working through Mahesh Yogis and Iskonians. Very soon, they are going to lose their profitable business of religion and they have already been reduced to the status of Sudras in such temples, managed by white people. Their biggest tools include the Gita philosophy which works as the best tool in the hands of expansionists and terrorists. Indians have never noted the simple fact that the Gita never promised spirituality since the only baits promised in the last sloka of the Gita are vijaya (victory), keerti (fame) and bhooti (opulence), which combinedly constitute only the material gains.dr SL Dhani

Dr S.L. Dhani (IAS-retd.)

IAS (R), Advocate; MA PhD LL B MDPA; Certificat​e from Cranfield School of Management​, Cranfield (UK), 1979; Recipient of President of India’s Silver Medal (1971); and of Babasaheb Dr. B R Ambedkar National Award (1985) Manvantara Theory of Evolution of Univesrse, based on Vedas and Puranas (1975); Authored Politics of Gods: Churning of the Ocaen (1984);and Hindu Scheme of Things: Socio-Poli​tical Analysis of Manusmriti (1987), debated in The Tribune,, Chandigarh​;. Published Indian Freedom Struggle New Insigh


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