“धिक्कार हैं उन बहुजन दलितों पर जो अपने भाई बहनों के दुःख से बेखबर बस मजे में टाइम पास कर रहे हैं|किसी ने बिलकुल सही कहा है -अगर अमन से रहना चाहते हो तो जंग के लिए तयार रहो अर्थात अपनी क्षमता बढ़ाते रहो|अम्बेडकर संगर्ष के परिणाम स्वरुप आज जो सुख मिला है अगर केवल उसी सुख में डूबे रहे तो वो दिन दूर नहीं जब दोबारा पशु से बुरी स्तिथि हो जाएगी| साथियों सारा खेल शक्ति या क्षमता का ही है बाकि सब तो वक्ती दिखावा है| हर रोज़ सोने से पहले खुद से सवाल पूछो- आपने समाज या कौम और खुद को शक्तिशाली बनाने के लिए आज क्या किया? जवाब होना चाहिए वर्ना अगला नंबर आपका ही है|”….समयबुद्धाbahujan


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  1. Know the unpublished TRUTH of India
    copy following with quotes & paste in Youtube
    “Unreported India – Broken People” 3 videos
    “India Untouched – Darker side of India ” 4 videos India’s hidden secret for centuries. “Untouchability – Dignity for All “.
    It took 4 Years to shoot and 25000 km Journey to Complete the Mission of finding TRUTH.
    Type in google upliftthem.blogspot.com atrocitynews.com khairlanji massacre

    To Gain maximum pure knowledge And utilize it to the fullest for Welfare of Humanity (Those who really need it the most).
    We should not waste out time, money, energy, knowledge, skills, authority (And all our Valuable resources) under the brand headlines/excuse of Entertainment, Enjoyment, Hobbies/Interests/ Habits, Picnic , Party ,”Just for change”, unnecessary celebrations/ festivals , “just for fun”, addictions of tobacco, alcohol ,Leisure, grief Relaxation, Property, time pass, hours of social networking, boyfriend/girlfriend. If we waste these resources then at last stage of life a disgraceful thought will come to our mind like this “Even though I had three times nutritious meals, pure drinking water to drink, good health without any physical/mental Disability ,adequate education, money, time, a home to live, family members to care/guide and assist, and all other resources of a prosperous human, BUT I HAVE NOT CONTRIBUTED TO THE WELFARE OF HUMANITY ANYWAY ,NOT THOUGHT ABOUT IT EVEN ONCE”
    When our children and grand childrens will ask us
    “Daddy/Mummy ,What you have done for this world so that it has become more peaceful ,more happy, more developed in true sense?
    How you have contributed directly And indirectly to the development of humanity, integrity, liberty, equality, fraternity, society?”
    How much is your share in all good things that are present today?
    Definitely they will analyze our answers thoroughly with their small but more powerful and inquisitive mind! We will not be able to fool them surely.(Many times children’s curiosities will cross the barriers of age, wisdom and experience and they will ask us clever questions/cross questions naturally. And we will be speechless)
    if we don’t have any answer then that will be the most embarrassing moment of our life and that too at last stage when there will not be any chance to recover the past mistake and many will be forced to criticize themselves in loneliness with tears.
    Our Great ancestors said “this world is my home”, And thought. behaved , acted accordingly .Lived and died for the same purpose of welfare OF WORLD.
    Today’s most of the people (some forcefully/knowingly/unknowingly) says “this home is my world” And think, behave and act accordingly. Live and die for the same purpose of welfare OF HOME.
    Respected Elders And dear Brothers/Sisters,
    human being means
    1.pure by thoughts (which will leads to revolutionary actions/deeds)
    2.pure by behavior (which will spread good thoughts)
    3.pure by body (which will maintain good health to assist in above two accomplishments efficiently)
    let us try to achieve these things together by sharing our time, money, energy, intelligence, skills, knowledge, all resources and opinions through communication, co-ordination, cooperation & mutual understanding for personal, educational, social, economical, scientific, spiritual & overall betterment, equity, development and welfare to fulfill dreams, expectations and aims of our parents, our great ancestors ( (which are not mentioned here as their count is a big number ) who scarified their blood, body, time, pleasures, money, happiness, sleep, hunger, thirst, family, energy, peace, wealth, empire, family members (remember hundreds of known/unknown/un-noticed true freedom fighters ,Social workers, reformers) and even their entire life (the most precious thing of the humans) for our well secured/simplified future (future with less struggle for simple food, pure water, shelter, peace, harmony, happiness, basic education, equality, freedom, respect, justice).
    I believe if we unite and work together we can do /achieve/fight/challenge/overcome and win… anything and everything in this world.
    our lakhs of brothers and sisters are still forced to live life of animals, (discriminated on the basis of their occupation, literacy/illiteracy, rural/urban, body colour , Gender, clothes, Mother tongue, state/country citizenship, North/South India, residential locality, Caste/Sub-caste/religion ,political parties workers, beliefs/prejudices) in unhygienic, poor, unlivable conditions, because of some INHUMAN, politicians/government officers/ignorant society (mostly whose minds are programmed with racism thoughts, actions and rituals right from birth/childhood by most of media).
    they need our guidance, resources, every type of possible help.
    just imagine for a minute a life of an illiterate, poor, jobless boy/girl struggling for 2 time nutritious meals, clean drinking water, basic education ,simple clothes to cover the body, a simplest roof of polythin to protect from rain, sunlight, wind, cold. living life near a gutter full of mosquitoes… …. diseases … .. Without any proper care/guidance… … .. . And during all this sustaining/undergoing torture of so-called INHUMAN, politicians/government officers/ignorant society … .. .
    this life will become/ is becoming hell for them… .. .(that’s why many will prefer to suicide forcefully by considering it as the quick, easiest, best, chip and complete solution. (actually these are indirect ,invisible and deliberately UN-NOTICED ,UNPUBLISHED,UNCOVERED brutal heinous murders))
    dear brothers/sisters they need our helping hand in every aspect.. .. .
    at least in providing them basic fundamental things that a human needs (nutritious food, drinking water, livable shelter, little money and knowledge to sustain and live life of a ordinary human and to face and overcome this brutal inhuman politicians/govt officers /ignorant society/ Anti social elements torture. ).
    we are educated sons and daughters of our great ancestors who fought and sacrificed their lives for development of humanity.. let us unite and vow to use all of our combined/collective resources and every moment of our life to make them live a life of a human being. to make them feel and realize that they are also human. Sir/Mam If you feel (by study, analysis and discussion that ) this information is conveying the right aim then please help me to spread it .If every teacher in this world imprints this ideas right from KG/Primary school then surely this world will get revolutionzed!!!

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