The Wider Image: Tattoos, faith and caste in India

Mahettar Ram Tandon, 76, a follower of Ramnami Samaj, who has tattooed the name of the Hindu god Ram on his full body, poses for a picture inside his house in the village of Jamgahan, in the eastern state of Chhattisgarh, India, November 17, 2015. “It was my new birth the day I started having the tattoos,” Tandon said. “The old me had died.” “The young generation just don’t feel good about having tattoos on their whole body,” he added. “That doesn’t mean they don’t follow the faith.” REUTERS/Adnan Abidi PICTURE 9 OF 31 – SEARCH “RAMNAMI” FOR ALL IMAGES TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RTX2205I


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